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Welcome to OEN (, online shop, blog and design-orientated network site that scours the web for new and interesting projects in art and design fields. All sites are owned 100% by OEN (, which is a registered company in England.

Through this summary page you’ll be able to find a variety of legal pages to help explain and make you understand the rights that you have and the rights we have when providing this creative platform of information, content, features, discussion and dialogue.

For ease of use we have broken it down in to five different sections, Terms of Use for our Online Shop (, our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use for our Blog ( and Features section (, a Website Disclaimer, and a Use of Cookies page.

If you don’t understand parts or if you think we’ve made a mistake, please let us know by visiting our contact page.

Please use the navigation to click through the different pages.

This content is available exclusively to members of OEN Patreon at $5 or more.

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