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For over four generations, Tatehiko has been crafting wooden marvels, each telling the story of a tree’s journey through its “3 phases of life.” From its humble beginnings as a sapling in the heart of the forest, to the skilful hands of artisans who transform it into a functional masterpiece, and finally, as it finds its place in the everyday lives of users, evolving gracefully with time—Tatehiko encapsulates this natural evolution with precision and grace.

What sets Tatehiko apart is not only their commitment to sustainable practices but also their deep understanding of the inherent beauty of wood. Each piece they create is a tribute to the tree itself, honouring its legacy and preserving its essence. This profound connection with nature and craftsmanship resonates in every Tatehiko creation, making them more than just wooden items; they are an embodiment of the intricate dance between human hands and the natural world.

From impeccably designed kitchen tools that elevate your culinary experience to functional items that seamlessly integrate into your daily life, Tatehiko’s woodworks bring a touch of timeless elegance and enduring quality to your home. Explore the collection at OEN Shop and discover the artistry and craftsmanship that lie within each piece, waiting to enrich your life and home with the spirit of nature.

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