Art & Design Guides

Art & Design Guides

Enjoy our selection of art and design guides that profile some of our top locations in each famous design city around the world.

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We guide you through our top 10 favourite locations for art and design lovers in Japan. Download this free ebook and flick through, these unique places are sure to help inspire your journey.

Kyoto is a city that’s often mistaken as ‘traditional only’, which is very far from the truth. In Kyoto we can find the beginnings of modernist architecture and many other design principles.

With Tokyo being so vast it's near on impossible to cover all of the inspiring places in this city. But we tried our best to condense them down to a concise list that will make it easier while travelling.

The home of famous architect and designer Alvar Aalto! Explore the different places that have inspired us throughout the years. Be sure to add these on to your list the next time you visit.

Melbourne’s eclectic, youthful culture makes it the perfect place to explore the arts and modern architecture. We highlight our favourite places in the city when you next visit.

One of the obvious choice for art and design inspiration was Copenhagen, a city that we have been lucky enough to visit numerous times for inspiration.