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Nido is a project by designer and creative Julieta Racket who, through collaboration with women from several Argentine provinces, creates knitwear made from 100% sheep wool. The wool that they use comes from Merino and Corriedale sheep, with it being spun and dyed completely by hand. The quality of the raw materials and the respect given to the production process are some of the most important characteristics behind these functional items.

Wool is a noble and natural material with highly valuable qualities that allow it to be adapted to our bodies in just a few steps, fulfilling a need as basic as keeping us warm. The wool used by Nido is worked in a traditional way, using tools and methods that the knitters acquired from their grandmothers and past generations. This handmade process means that each piece of knitwear is imperfect, special and unique. Those who make and use appreciate the beauty of its imperfection.

In 2013 Nido will start selling their products in Tokyo. The values of the pieces are in tune with the climate and Japanese tastes. They’re ideal for cold winters. They’re modest, sober, and honed down to basic needs. To illustrate this article today, I have included some beautiful photos taken by Argentine photographer Ana Armendariz for Nido in Japan. I hope you enjoy them and you’ll go across to the Nido website to see what else they have on offer in their new and updated 2013 collection.

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