New Feature – Yusuke Tazawa’s Workshop in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan


I’ve been doing my best to represent each maker in the shop, and this week it seemed appropriate to release a dedicated feature on woodworker Yusuke Tazawa. It’s good timing considering we received some new lacquer tumblers from Yusuke, aswell as some extra stock of other objects such as the red tray and chopstick box. One new item that’s highlighted solely in the feature is the zelkova and cherry coffee scoop, which is an updated design from previous years.

Inspiration for such a utensil derives from the ‘hishaku’, a water ladle used in the tea ceremony. The similarity between the two shapes is quite obvious, but I like the fact that these are a contemporary twist on a traditional utensil, hand sculpted in two different woods instead of bamboo.

Head on over to our feature page to discover Yusuke’s working processes and some of his background information, objects made by him can be found in the shop. Enjoy.

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