Variation in Silhouette & Surface – Ceramics by Natalie Weinberger


For some reason I always feel much closer to those independents that are making out of pure expression rather than just taking another step in their career. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great watching the so called masters in their element, whether that be through footage or scrolling through images from a gallery setting, but often these artists feel more like fictional characters than a true inspiration that could power the next generation.

Natalie Weinberger is a native New Yorker who started throwing on the wheel in 2010. Her current studio is only a stone’s throw away from where she was first introduced to a craft – not ceramics, but glass. As a teenager she took glassblowing lessons, and in college she went on to experiment with glass in more detail. A few years later whilst studying historic preservation in Philadelphia she was attracted to an undergraduate ceramics course which is where she started working with clay, 5 years on she’s now a potter full time.

Weinberger says that her background in preservation has had a fairly big impact on her ceramic work, with most of her forms referencing the past in some way. What I like is how she’s produced quite structured and architectural forms, but she’s used a rustic stoneware clay to create variation in surface texture and a stone-like appearance. All of these are experimental, both fresh and full of creativity. Hopefully you like them too and will bookmark Natalie’s website as a place to visit in the coming years.