Unsettling the Balance – Experimental Furniture by Designer Brian Thoreen

The golden ratio is a mathematical ratio that is commonly found in nature. When used in design it seems to foster an organic and natural looking composition, tending to be more aesthetically pleasing on the eye. This harmony is seen in many areas of design but is especially prominent in architecture, as buildings can be cantilevered and create a kind of harmony that is often hidden in other areas of design.

This ratio reminded me of the work of Brian Thoreen, a designer who makes furniture, architectural installations and other unique objects from his studio in Los Angeles. The collection here uses a mixture of glass, cast bronze and marble to stack the elements, ordering them to create a sense of harmony in the pieces. Since the series is titled ‘Unsettled’ it gives us an idea behind Brian’s mindset, although technically off balance they sit right on the eye and draw the user to investigate.

Personally I’m always looking to nature for inspiration, that’s why the golden ratio is so appealing. This matched with Brian’s strong focus on bringing his artistic sensibility in to everyday scenarios makes for a series of solutions that are not only functional but also offer a sculptural twist on something that’s usually fairly mundane. I think this is quite important considering our jobs as creatives is to ignite a sense of intrigue in all the objects that we design. Enjoy this selection of imagery below, more can be seen on his webpage.



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