Rethinking Waste Materials – Anima: Memorial Service by Kosuke Araki

As creatives we often think about our relationship with objects from a human perspective. Why do we connect with such an object? What kind of atmosphere do they give off? But we don’t necessarily think about the components that make up these objects. There’s no doubt that we need to be more considerate with the materials that we choose so that we can make a selection with longevity in mind. Japanese designer Kosuke Araki has gone one step further by thinking about putting the wastage in our lives to good use and producing this series titled ‘Anima – Memorial Service’.

This project is handcrafted from food waste and Urushi, Japanese lacquerware, to craft a series of tableware that uses handmade techniques. The lacquer covering gives these pieces functional strength and a waterproof quality so that it protects the material underneath. This is something I’ve thought about for a while in regards to lacquer, I still think the potential hasn’t been fully explored.

Araki’s goal is to make us think about our relationship with nature and how we might be able to use the materials around us to craft functional things. With the carbonised version of our food waste he’s been able to make a black variation. Alternatively the powder on its own will leave a light to dark brown colour. I also echo his thoughts surrounding rapid modernisation and the fact that much of what’s being produced today lacks soul. Maybe the recycling of other materials that already have this soul would be the perfect place to start. That way they will bring more harmony to our surroundings and in turn better our lives.


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