Still and Purposeful – Song & Bora / Mo by Silversmith Alex O’Connor

The beautiful, minimalist work of UK-based silversmith Alex O’Conner. I was first drawn in by Alex’s ‘Kib and Skath’ capsule collection, a series of wearable sculptures that are part inspired by ancient forms. I thought this idea of incorporating craft in to our everyday lives, especially in a fashion sense, is certainly intriguing as it’s not often seen that much.

In contrast, today’s highlighted pieces are not wearable but are still stunning nevertheless. Visually they are tall vessels crafted from silver with an overlapping body that cuts in and wraps around. The two series are technically different, with one title ‘Song’ and ‘Bora/Mo’, but share many connections.

Bora/Mo is Cornish for Dawn/Dusk and has been used here to ‘capture a moment in time’ with these monolithic forms. The ‘Song’ series is a slight twist on this first series but has been inspired by Nanjizal Cove and the Song of the Sea cave that lies on this beach in the UK.

The scored and folded lines evoke a sense of nature and the slightly rigid structure of static metal leans and juts outward to represent the cave itself. These are fantastic artworks that are understated but full of wonderful detail, just like nature itself! See more on O’Conner’s portfolio linked below.


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