Architectural Patterns – TILE Collection by John Pawson for TEIXIDORS

Great designers and great craftsmanship come together less often than one might think. A real shame considering what both parties can bring to the table. British architect and designer John Pawson is one of my favourites, he has a keen eye for simplicity and is consistent across the board in all his pursuits (you should definitely check out his photography if you haven’t seen it already!). His recent project with Teixidors, a Spanish textile company who work with manual looms to create unique pieces for fashion and the home, was very inspiring and I wanted to share it with you all.

The ‘TILE’ collection consists of three throws and complementary cushions, with a design inspired by architectural patterns: playing with the repeating form of a rectangular tile to generate a mosaic, expressed in three intensities of colour. The restraint and subtlety in this series is what stood out to me, which makes sense considering Pawson’s background and his ability to let the materials speak for themselves.

Although Pawson’s work is sometimes set as the standard for ‘minimalism’, there’s something to be said about his restraint. Through this restraint we are able to see the true purpose, breaking through to the core of how we interact with an object or function in a space. This kind of project is the perfect match for him as it takes his ideas about modern living and connects them to an age-old craft full of integrity and meaning. In my opinion, we need these two to come together on a consistent basis to make a real change in the world of both craft and design. Ultimately impacting more people’s lives.


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