Innovative Materials – Organico Furniture by German Designer Philipp Crass

After seeing so many projects it would make sense that I’m always searching for fresh ideas and concepts that could cause change in the real world. Maybe there’s some leeway in the overall functionality of the product, but if the materials and techniques offer a new approach on how we can design then it’s certainly worth talking about it here on the blog.

Organico is a small series by German designer Philipp Crass. His upbringing in a rural area of Southern Germany still inspires him today and showcases the strong bond he has with nature. His current role is working as a freelance designer in Berlin where he is researching fine arts and crafts in particular, looking for sustainable techniques that could be applied to different areas of modern design.

This series that I’m showcasing today uses both traditional and renewable resources to develop a new material that be used in the construction of furniture. An adhesive, composed of calcium hydroxide and casein, is used to press hemp fibres together to create solid forms. Through a series of experiments Philipp was able to use a sandwich technique to conjure up this material that’s not only stable but also light. In turn there are many other unique qualities to this material, such as texture, colouring, and flexibility.

Seeing this actually used in mass production is another area of exploration that needs to be worked on, but it’s still great to see such experimentation from a young, up and coming designer. I hope you will support his work and have a look through his portfolio on the link below, definitely one to watch out for in the future. Enjoy.