Olga Bennet Photographs Kim Mckechnie’s Studio

Another great week begins and with it I thought we’d make a return trip to view the progressive portfolio of Australian photographer Olga Bennet. As many will hopefully know Olga is someone who’s work we have admired here in the past and it’s been brilliant to watch her talents flourish and mature over time. I thought today we’d highlight one shoot she put together for her recent series “Other People” which captures artist Kim Mckechnie and her home studio in full flow. I felt it was best to follow this project on simply a visual level here but I’d urge you to go read Olga’s write up on her visit afterwards as this is rather amusing and insightful.

As you can see below Kim’s place is somewhat of a honeytrap with regards to warm, inviting lighting, the perfect place to contemplate and design handmade projects. If you’ve not come across Kim’s work previously she is somewhat of a multi-disciplinarian, creating works by sewing, binding and weaving on her own loom. One thing that did make me smile earlier when reading through Olga’s page was the fact that Kim decided at one point her sofa was no longer needed as she wanted the space for her large loom. I think when you’re passionate about being creative you begin to push conventional thinking out the door.

The aim of Olga’s project is to highlight the talents of many individuals that slip under the radar, working independently it can sometimes be difficult to get the exposure that you deserve, so really this is somewhat of a no brainer for us. Hopefully a few of you are now a bit curious to go and explore Olga’s portfolio and I’ll add in Kim’s webpage also for those that want to go and see what she gets up to in her studio. So far this series is five strong including Kim’s addition, with musicians, jewellers and artists making the line-up currently. I’m eager to see who will be appearing next, why not go and see what you think yourself.