Adam Currie Photographs the Barbican

One of the things I love about what we do here is the connections we make, and the diversity that this presents. Some days we strive to preserve the legacy that an individual has left behind, others feature creatives in their prime, and today we highlight the handiwork of someone just starting out and experimenting with a style that they can call their own. Soon to be architect and avid film photographer Adam Currie enters into our ever growing archive as we take a moment to appreciate this small series he has captured in and around London’s very own Barbican.

The term avid perhaps doesn’t do Adam’s passion for photography the justice it deserves as I was amazed to see whist visiting his portfolio a large format camera he had built himself. Designed and constructed by the young creative this has been hand crafted out of Scottish elm and ash timber, capturing images measuring 1030 by 875mm per frame. This has actually been featured in a short film which I was somewhat tempted to showcase here, but in the end I decided that this project highlighted his two main passions in equal measure. So those interested can always make the trip across to his portfolio once we’ve finished up here.

The Barbican’s brutalist aesthetic created in the post World War Two II era still holds great presence and poise in my opinion, drawing many fond of the modernist style each and every day. Although it does have its critics I feel that in the context of its environment the building and its surrounding estate are areas we should really cherish and be proud of, I’m glad they’ve been able to obtain a grade two listing to secure its future. One of my favourite places to be in London is its downstair restaurant, it’s so understated and packed full of character if you haven’t made the trip their before I can’t recommend it enough.

This small set has to be the best series I’ve personally come across, it’s a shame that Adam hasn’t been able to get access to the other areas of the Barbican. I think if I was involved in the management of the centre I’d be inclined to give him somewhat of a free license to explore and photograph what he wanted, I’m sure these could be used in some way shape or form to help promote the centre. Perhaps this is something to consider in the future, talking of the future I’m eager to see the architecture that Adam will produce himself. If you are too I’m sure he will be updating his website further once his exams are passed, which we both wish him luck with! Go take a look for yourself and see what you think.

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  • Corporate Photographer

    Great use of light and composition – love the shoot of the steps.

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