Lauri Kranz Series by Brian W Ferry

It’s rather grey in our part of England today, so I’ve been on the hunt for a little sun rich greenery to remind me of the warmer days to come. I’m definitely not an embracer of winter so I’m a fan of letting my imagination wander, pretending that the cold weather isn’t here. It looks glorious in Los Angles where Brian Ferry recently captured this photo series of Lauri Kranz, being the perfect distraction from the good old English weather. For those of us who haven’t come across Lauri before she’s a singer/songwriter who’s turned her passion for gardening into a viable business as an edible gardening consultant.

She’s even released her own book which shares her knowledge on growing within the LA hills, where foraging wildlife, limited sun, and protruding hills are a gardeners worst enemy. Her talents have been appreciated by the local schools, chefs and families who want to take an interest in growing their own organic vegetables. I personally love the idea of being as self sufficient as I can be so growing your own food is a great place to start the process. In the set we have here Brian visits two beautiful places Lauri is responsible for, which as you can see are thriving from her tentative approach.

We’ve featured the work of Brian quite a lot in the past and I’ve always used him as a go to whenever I’m in the mood for a series of rather instinctive, honest photography. He comes across as a photographer that likes to blend into the background and explore his surroundings which really suits this project we’re highlighting today. The way the light just trickles across the different levels of the garden is ideal and I’m sure he had a great deal of fun putting together this commission for Lauri, it certainly seems that way in what he’s achieved.

If you don’t follow Brian’s blog (the blue hour) already I’d really urge you to begin to from this day forward, I always enjoy checking his latest assignments as I’m yet to be disappointed with what I find. It’s great to see his talents being appreciated with commissions and such other work in the pipeline, I feel like his work just gets better and better as time goes on. As always I’ll leave the link for this just below, along with Lauri’s online dwelling of all things gardening. Go take a look for yourself – Enjoy!