Resonance by Geert Goiris

I’ve been holding onto the work of Geert Goiris for a little while now, I couldn’t make a decision whether we could present the work in a way that would do it justice, they are utterly brilliant. But as the day flew by I found a really nice selection of photography from a series titled Resonance that Geert has put together.

In some ways it’s quite a random set but in other ways you see lots of linked elements, for example the textures and the natural light. Geert has a great talent for capturing scenes that are quite simple but also full of patterns and detailing.

Two photos that I didn’t pick out because of their size was one called Wittgenstein and another called Triangular which I thought were really eye catching.

Resonance meaning “the ability to evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotions …”, these photographs definitely do all of those things.

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