Levi Van Veluw Orgin Of The Begining Exhibition

An old favorite artist of mine, Levi van Veluw, is holding an exhibition in his homeland of Holland with the last opportunity to take a viewing tomorrow at the Galerie Ron Mandos. Levi will be showcasing his latest collection of workings with the main event being some wonderful imaginative portrait installations.

The event will also include short film and photography which draws upon the artists childhood memories which he explains “thematically and narratively develop his own brand of self-portraiture”, a style which has helped him become very popular with fellow creative minds.

Levi has created three spaces in this exhibition which have been covered in over thirty thousand wooden blocks, balls, and slats creating a life size installation that viewers can experience live in front of their eyes. I’m a little disappointed that I won’t be able to make the event as I think it would have been really interesting to browse. If you’re in the area I’d recommend heading that way, doors open at 12.00 am.



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