Select Drawings from Hell’o Monsters

Artist and Illustrators at Hell’o monsters bring us these wonderfully imaginative creations that have been hand drawn. I felt they were deserving of a little more exposure so I’ve brought them across for all of us to enjoy.

Through the creative characters appearance we often see disturbance, if you’ve had the opportunity to have a look at some other work by Hell’o Monsters you will understand the importance they place on simplistic yet shocking structure, something which is contained by the element of wit and sense of humor.

Created through traditional techniques, in this project they have been able to uphold this handmade crafted feel which gives the overall aesthetic a good measure of personality and charm. Along with small runs of publications they are frequent creators of large scale posters which would be a great addition to an office or creative space. If you’re a fan of their style and are looking for such a piece I’d recommend heading over to the webpage for a little more of the same.


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