Dwellings From Aaron Wendel

Talented Animator and Seattle dweller Aaron Wendel reminds us that keeping things simple is often the answer with this charming little hand drawn animation he created titled “Dwellings”. A man who offers very little comment on his works describes the project in as many as eight words : “Over time, two houses slowly destroy each other”.

I love the fact that Aaron lets the viewer make their own assumption of his work, without trying to place ideals or concepts within their minds before viewing. For me there is often a hidden message or mystery aspect in his pieces which you unravel if you are conscious of. For those who don’t work it out, then it’s just a nice visual experience, and it’s all quite easy on the eye.

I’ve seen slices of Aaron’s work in the past and I can’t help but be caught out by the craft of these hand drawn pieces. To me they feel a bit more personal than something created on a computer, there is more imagination put into these types of projects I think. Be sure to share any thoughts you have on this project below, I’d be interested to hear everyones thoughts on this piece.



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