Movember 2011 Craft and Pride Series

So as you know, we’ve finally breached over into the month of November, which also doubles as my birthday, I swear time just moves on so quickly. I can never keep track of it.

You may of heard about this ‘Movember’ campaign and have wondered what it’s all about, well it’s basically a global moustache growing charity event which is held during November of each year and raises funds and awareness for men’s health. I think it’s become a very popular campaign as moustaches and beards are very much on trend and are pretty popular in the bigger cities, all over in fact.

So November 1st was the date in which they started clean shaven and throughout the month they will grow and trim their facial hair into a moustache. The whole idea is for them to become walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November.

Australian studio Urchin Associates released this series in collaboration with Movember titled “Craft and Pride” which looks into the life of different moustached fellows. Particularly pinpointing those with craft and pride within what they do and their stories, this one I picked out below is episode 1 and it features a man named blake who likes to fly fish. He guides us through his technique, why he likes doing it and how he got started, I have to say the filming is absolutely stunning. There are some great angles, particularly the focusing really adds a different dimension to the whole piece. Watch on below.


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