The Smart Lives of Smart Men, Episodes 1 & 2

Searching for inspiration tonight I came across this captivating little series which follows the views of various creatives who have all achieved admirable success working on the web. Gear Patrol collaborated with Intel in aid of discussing how technology has changed, and continues to change our lives.

Gathering Michael Williams, Evan Orensten, Anthony Sperduti, Ben Pieratt, and Richard Blakely, the series provides an honest and unscripted opinion of what the web has brought to our daily schedules. Having gained their own personal success through the likes of A Continuous Lean, Cool Hunting and Svpply to name just three, these gents are perfectly placed to access the role of the internet in creating new jobs, and offering fresh solutions to our everyday tasks.

It’s great to see so many creative minds coming together to discuss a topic, you don’t tend to get too many projects like this one cropping up very often so it’s quite an empowering watch. In many respects we are stepping outside of the content on this post and are looking at how content is consumed, I hope you all enjoy this as much as I have – I’ll keep you all updated on any other developments within this series.


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