The Ride By Anthony Fernandez

Residing in Long Beach California creative Antony Fernandez had the perfect environment to capture this stunning short film, an artistic narrative depicting a day in the life of a cyclist.

The piece itself is set to the work of Portishead which provides a sombre undertone to the visuals we are presented with, which I personally think is a little bit of a subtle masterstroke by Antony. The two work in perfect marriage slowly building tension and audience attention, with the long chords around the 1.20 mark meeting with the stunning long views of the rider sweeping down the hill.

I felt the daily grind of the cyclist was represented quite well here too, you take a sense of grit and determination as we witness the scheduled daily routine unfold in front of our eyes. All in all I thought this was great little short and a fitting addition to our ever growing collection of refreshing and inspiring short films.

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  • Todd Colby

    I love this. It captures so much about preparing for a ride with those exquisite details. Bravo!

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