Omer Arbel for Bocci Short Film

The good folks over at Style Park have kindly put together this delightful short film which summarises the process that glass blower Omer Abel undertakes when creating these beautiful bespoke lights for Canadian Design collective Bocci. Although this is pretty brief it’s packed full of creative inspiration in the range of looks we get of Omer creating, plus I’ve brought across a little imagery of the final product from Bocci which I think ties the whole post together quite nicely.

The observant ones amongst us will have noticed that glass blowing along with the ceramics has started to creep more and more into our daily lineup. Mainly because there seems to be so much romance and heritage embedded in these age old traditional techniques, especially when you consider how personal each piece is to the movements of the maker.

These particular lights are created using a technique where air is intermittently blown and sucked out of the glass which, as you will see below, creates these wonderful rounded shapes. Though alternating the temperature this way Omer is able to create a cavity just wide enough to house a low voltage bulb or LED light.

Personally I’m loving the end result which makes a real feature of an everyday object which many of us take for granted. I think the design of light bulb is so efficient that we sometimes forget it’s was engineered and designed many moons ago. Bocci have quite a range of bespoke household designs over on their webpage, so if you’re in a mood for a little more I’d head that way.


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