Wooden Wheel Printer by Postalco

Postalco is a creative company that we’ve got a strong admiration for, they make some beautiful everyday objects in unison with the traditional methods which have been used in Japan for countless decades. Mark recently voiced recognition of this project on the sites dedicated facebook page, however this was before a film of the contraption working was released online. So I’ve brought it into the format for all of us to enjoy today, as it’s rather unique and super creative.

If you missed this note the concept behind the creation came when Mike Abelson, co-owner of the brand, was daydreaming about cars. Mike wondered to himself what would be the result if cars were fitted with tyres that distributed paint, so this project was born out of this very fasination of potential patterns on the road. To emulate these imaginary combinations of colour Mike set about building a wooden contraption which he now uses to print upon one of a kind stationary.

Structurally what he devised is a configuration of different wheels attached in rows, which naturally gives his design the name the “wheel printer”. All in all a really fasinating controntraption which is a welcome addition to our archive of all things creative. This project of Mike’s ties in pretty nicely as we’ve recenty been writing some questions for an interview with him, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that. In the mean time watch on below and enjoy.



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