Intuitive & Playful – Works by Experimental Norwegian Designer Sigve Knutson

Although design isn’t that far removed from art as a creative endeavour, it’s quite surprising to see the restraint that’s currently present in design, especially contemporary design. Often through some kind of societal shift we see breakthroughs in these fields, certainly something that has happened in the past, but at the moment there seems to be a trend towards the production of very clean cut, static works that blend in with interior spaces instead of challenging them. Nothing wrong with this, but if every designer has this mindset it becomes counter productive and stagnant.

Viewing the work of Sigve Knutson was a real breath of fresh air. As a young designer he’s been able to harness his playfulness and place it in his work, experimenting with many materials to create a collection of objects and furniture that prod at the line between sculptural and practical. It’s certainly inspiring to see someone taking these risks and pulling them together in a crafted manner, like a craftsman would.

The collections I have selected for this post are titled ‘Wood Clay Chairs’, ‘Material Nuggets’, and ‘Drawn Moulds’. The experiments with the stools is especially interesting, also the wood clay chairs that use a mixture of wood, wood shavings, PVA glue, and expanded polystyrene to construct natural looking shapes. A miss match of materials from the workshop, but it just shows Sigve’s spirit and how he’s able to use what is immediately around him and bring ideas to fruition. Here are a selection of works that intrigued me but more can be found on his portfolio linked below. Enjoy.