Defining a Room – Lighting by Norwegian Designer Hallgeir Homstvedt

The term ‘visual calm’ is one that really grabbed my attention and made me want to write this piece on Norwegian Designer Hallgeir Homstvedt. He’s a talented creative and one that deserves much praise for the various projects that he’s worked on over the years, most notably with clients such as Muuto, L.K.Hjelle and Established & Sons to create a portfolio that’s quite spectacular both aesthetically and in a functional sense.

One area that I always feel lacks in support is the field of lighting design. Hallgeir’s designs are clean and contemporary but have a nice twist. Above is a project that he worked on together with fellow Norwegian designer Runa Klock titled Lily. This is an acoustic light that is intended to be used in bigger spaces with the idea of increasing the intimacy in these larger rooms to create distinct zones. As they are hung in clusters they named the light after the lily flower and chose muted but bright colours that would stick out from above.

I think all the different lights have a modern quality but still reference elements from nature. The Lamella lighting collection seen in the third picture really showcases this, a piece inspired by the delicate pleats found on the underside of mushroom caps. It’s interesting then to team up these ideas of nature with industrial design and see what comes of it, by the looks of it some special work indeed. More can be found on Hallgeir’s portfolio below, you won’t be disappointed!


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