Folding Patterns – Herringbone Collection by Designer Phil Cuttance

There’s been a recent trend among makers of using Jesmonite in the same way that you might use clay to cast objects. Jesmonite is a composite material that consists of a gypsum-based material in an acrylic resin. I suppose the applications for it are more industrial in nature and I’ve personally not experimented with it yet, although it’s definitely on my long list of materials to try out. Jesmonite seems a lot more sturdy compared to clay, it also looks as though you can create unique textures on the surface of the vessels. This is why I was drawn to the work of Phil Cuttance, a talented maker and designer based in London.

Phil is from New Zealand but now makes from his studio in London. This collection is a stunner and is titled ‘Herringbone’, all of which have been handmade using a specific method of moulding. First he creates a custom folding pattern that’s then projected onto a flat sheet material. This is then constructed in to a ‘Herringbone’ shaped relief that is used as a flat mould onto which a resin is casted. After the cast is manipulated by hand into the final 3D form and a final cast is taken from which the Herringbone vases are cast.

A long process, but one that has reaped fantastic results. They are modern vases that link to the past through the texture, shape and pattern used. I think the texture is what really sets these pieces off, the way the lines are staggered creates visual effect that almost tricks the eye. Here are some pictures from his portfolio, more can be found and also purchased on the link below. Enjoy.