Liam Treanor – Contemporary Hand Crafted Furniture and Lighting


From my own experience woodworking, darker woods tend to have more of a distinguished look that runs with traditional furniture making. Icons like George Nakashima and Sam Maloof have used the richer woods to good effect throughout their illustrious careers. You have to admire their passion for the craft and their ideology behind “doing things right”, as well as finding simple lines and timeless form in all of their woodworking exploits.

Personally, I prefer the lighter woods such as ash, oak and sycamore. My modernist taste probably plays a big part in this, preferring the neutrality of the wood and the fact that it doesn’t stand out or seek attention. It does its job well and fits in with the surrounding interior. A designer following a similar vibe is that of young talented designer Liam Treanor, with his furniture collections ‘Santiago’, ‘Interbau’, and ‘Debut’.

Founded in 2011 and based in South London, Liam takes inspiration from the clean lines and bold forms of Mid-Century architecture, traditional British woodworking, and the soothing aesthetic of Scandinavian modern. I can see all of these quite prominently in his work, and certainly admire his attention to detail. As a young maker I can’t wait to see what else he has up his sleeve, for now you can admire a small selection of his works above and below, plenty more like this can be found on his website. Enjoy.