Khoi Vinh, On the Grid

I’ve been studying the grid for quite a while now, at first I thought it was just relative to the web design field but as time’s gone by I’ve found it’s taken on a role not only in my design self but also in my lifestyle choices. Whether it be art, ceramics, film, or even clothing, I’m intrigued to see the form of order, logic and law within an item, product, space or concept. This is most important to me and has really opened up my eyes, I’ve learnt that discipline really is a skill that humans can achieve at different levels. Some people don’t have it at all.

I picked up this short video and corresponding imagery below made for Color Machine, produced by Jordan Alport and Raafi Rivero. In this film Khoi Vinh, the former Design Director of, discusses the subject that has made his work most noteworthy: the grid. He also talks about when he was growing up and how the events that have led up to this point interrelate and fit together.

What’s intriguing about Khoi is that his thoughts and feelings not only relate in the web and interactive field in which he works in but also everyday life. Here on the site, and hopefully through our shop in the future, we push design first, not a trend or any sort of statement, it’s all about the battle between form and function. Every designer knows that, that’s what makes this world so interesting. All that you see is designed and is shaped by it’s surroundings, fascinating to say the least. You are sure to enjoy this video no matter what field you’re in, watch on below.


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