March 2010

Based In Englands Capital self taught photographer Guy Sargent has produced this view of London which provides a different side and avoids the typical sightseeing spots, capturing the smaller subtle areas which are not fortunate enough to get as regular coverage. I was originally captured by the tra

Director Michael Koerbel has been creating visual media for over a decade. As Koerbel completes his third year as a graduate student at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, he pursues a goal of working on feature-length projects. Today he brings us his latest project which is a short film Titled Head O

Dieter Rams is one of those designers in which you can’t seem to shake off, no matter what creative industry you’re in. You have to pay homage to the man who was so ahead of time, he was in another world to be exact. Obviously Dieter has only recently been more admired for his works, [&h