A London View From Guy Sargent

Based In Englands Capital self taught photographer Guy Sargent has produced this view of London which provides a different side and avoids the typical sightseeing spots, capturing the smaller subtle areas which are not fortunate enough to get as regular coverage. I was originally captured by the traditional english look in this series, and although there are some well known city icons within this collection, it was these that caught my eye. Each of these stores are tucked away and are often hidden from the average person visiting london, you only tend come across them if you have an interest in what service they provide. Much of Guy Sargent’s work is inspired by European history and it’s time line over centuries, from the Gothic architecture of the 13th century to contemporary architecture such as the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart. He began to get some real recognition for his work in 2007 when he had two photographs shortlisted for ‘Take A View’ landscape photographer of the year, and since then he has been chased by various publishers for interviews and features. You can find more of work like this from Guy Sargent via his website – link for this below.

Find more work from Guy Sargent Here

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