Selection of Ceramics from the Rosenfield Collection

The majority of the creative individuals that we find really inspiring here on the site seem to have put together their own collections of work from fellow creatives as a reference point. Nigel Cabourn for example hosts his own gathering of over 4,000 pieces of vintage mens garments, just so he’s never short of inspiration.

With collections in mind, I’m excited to share with you today ceramic enthusiast’s David and Louise Rosenfield. The duo together so far have shared over 1,800 ceramic pieces on their online archive which is yet to be updated with their entire personal collection. Featuring 415 separate artists to date the pair have all sorts on show, with the collection diverse in techniques, shapes and sizes – there’s such a range in colour on show too.

I think it’s quite commendable that the Rosenfield’s are taking the time to archive all this work online so everyone who wants to come and get a little inspired can do so. My only vice with personal collections is that items get hidden away which could be used to inspire and educate countless creatives, so it’s great to see sites like these springing up. Head on through to enjoy their archive!