Short Film on Sunset Craftsmanship Co

Outside of Japan these bags are really hard to get your hands on, which is a bit of a shame because here we get to see a video which showcases lots of love and attention to detail as each individual bag gets put together. I’ll have to hold my hands up and admit I’ve not seen too much else from Sunset Craftsmanship co but I’m sure if you spoke to Mark he’d know a little more about them. Personally I was taken aback by the skill of the gentleman putting these together, especially when it came to the painting stage where he created a flawless layer of green on the outside of the bag – it must be so easy to let a little run and ruin the design.

Talking upon the filming, I liked how Felicia Elise, who put this together, opted to throw in a vintage theme which ties into the traditional way that Sunset work perfectly. Generally these types of short film tend to finish in under three minutes so it was great to see a little more time being dedicated to highlighting each process, I’m sure if you wanted to create something similar of your own you now could with the aid of this video. Obviously Sunset have got the production down to a tee as you will see at the end of the video with their expansive range of beautiful handcrafted bags.

I’ve struggled to find an online presence for Sunset Craftsmanship Co, both in the form of their own website and in any stockists within Europe. Perhaps after a little digging I will be able to return here with some more sources for you all, but in the meantime I don’t think their is anything wrong with just taking in a little inspiration from these guys, so watch on below and enjoy.

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