A look inside the house of Finn Juhl

It seems only last week that we were sharing something Finn Juhl related with you all, although looking back into the archive it was a month yesterday. It’s amazing how time flies on the internet and I mention this as today marks a month of the online shop being open. I hadn’t planned to share the house of Finn today, it’s just one of those funny little coincidences which life presents you with from time to time.

Back on the topic at hand, Danish creative Thorsten Dreijer has kindly put this montage together which takes us through a tour of Mr Juhl’s home, focusing in on lots of delightful furniture and ornaments along the way. Thorsten has taken quite an unconventional approach to filming here slicing up the majority of these views into single frames so this film works a lot like a stop motion in certain areas.

This doesn’t however take anything away from the tour of the Danes home which for all us design/furniture geeks is a little slice of Scandinavian heaven. Admittedly this is rather a long montage for those of us that aren’t as fanatical about Finn Juhl, but there isn’t too much of Finn’s home around so I wasn’t going to turn up the opportunity to bring this across into the archive – that would go against our instincts here.

Throughout the home I was really impressed with all the little ornaments that Finn had collected over the years, it would be amazing to hear the stories of each of these as they are packed full of individual character. I’m sure the designer enjoyed being surrounded by the work of other creatives that inspired him, saying this viewing his furniture throughout has to be the highlight of the film for me. For those of you that haven’t stumbled across Finn’s work before I’d urge you to browse on further here, in the meantime watch on below and enjoy.



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