We Miss You By Hanna Maria Heidrich

I wanted to highlight everyones attention to this short film titled “We Miss You” which is a concept driven project derived to remind us all of the time before large cities and busy lifestyles. Set in New York city, Director Hanna Maria Heidrich captivates her viewers with a surreal scenario which is designed to leave us reflecting on the origins of our species.

It’s so surreal that at one point I found it quite amusing – (I’m sure your soon realize what I mean), I don’t think the humor takes anything away from the piece though as it’s quite lighthearted and is packaged up in some fantastic cinematography. In some respects this piece takes away a little of the glamour of the Big Apple, putting more of an emphasis on nature and how our roots have somewhat been forgotten.

I’ve not stumbled across too much work from Hanna previously, but with work of this quality I’m sure we will be seeing more projects from her in the future. I was pretty surprised to learn this is actually a student project so it isn’t surprising to hear that it won Hanna Young Director of the Year at Cannes this year.