Matthew Hilton on Design Inspiration

Dutch filmmaker Juriaan Booij got together with English furniture designer Matthew Hilton to extract a little inspiration, with the resulting conversation developing into quite a subtle look at Matt’s design process. Matthew started his design studio four years back focusing on his passion for high level craftsmanship and the finest sustainable materials available.

His furniture really embodies underlying subtlety, holding beauty within it’s details and maximizing functionality, quite ‘less is more’ aesthetically. It’s great to see that Matthew can transfer his eye for isolating details from his work to his past time of photography, it’s quite obvious this helps him develop new ideas and see his creations in the design process from a new perspective.

If you’re a fan of minimal furniture I’d really recommend stopping by Matthew’s website to admire some of his works. He’s got quite an impressive array of furniture, with many pieces holding that really classic timeless look which many of us visually minded creatives lust for.


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