Trip Print Press By Matt Barnett

Matt Barnett of Brought To You By joins the schedule this morning with arguably the collectives most inspiring film to date. Having taken a three man team into a traditional print press studio, we get the opportunity to meet the work of Nicholas Kennedy head on in the quaint little workshop of his. This video is pretty on point for us personally as we’ve been looking into getting some stationary put together for the launch of the new store, it’s just a shame Nicholas isn’t based around the corner from us.

Me and Matt conversed a little last night and he revealed that he and the team made regular visits to the studio, with each visit they began to spend more and more time in the place, so creating this piece was just a natural progression really. “The tactile quality, vibrant colours and overall aesthetic has always appealed to us” he explained.

I think it’s hard for us creative types not to get sucked into the romance of the traditional print press. They offer up a more authentic style of printing and are wonderful contraptions to watch, quite mesmerising in my opinion. Brought To You By have certainly raised the bar with this film, I’ve enjoyed their work it the past but this is on another level. Hopefully it continues that way.

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