Kenyan & Grace Short Film By Gary Nadeau

Gary Nadeau gets back to what he does best as he documents the lives of two creative minds named Kenyan & Grace in this charming short film. The dynamic duo spend their spare time browsing to add to their expansive collection of vintage items.

It’s always great to see two creative people coming together and building a relationship where they both bounce each of their influences around, it’s so obvious that they compliment each other in every way.

Throughout the video Kenyan and Grace touch upon the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi, which is something we’ve talked about here on the site previously. The idea always brings to mind Japanese furniture studio TRUCK, we spoke at great length with Tokuhiko the owner when he visited a few months back.

He joked with us that he found it difficult to explain Wabi Sabi as a concept in Japanese, let alone English. So I think Grace and Kenyan do a great job here of defining what it means, for those who are still clueless I suggest watching on below and learning a little more.


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