Stanwell Pipe Creation from Garde Hvalsøe

If you’re a fan of minimal design and craftsmanship then Denmark is a good place to start on a quest for inspiration. With Scandinavian design in mind I’ve been following Danish design collective Garde Hvalsøe for a little while now. Tonight they’ve come up with the goods in the shape of a short film showcasing pipe and briar production in Livorno, Italy.

Granted I didn’t end up with something Danish this time around, but the process and resulting product within the film embodies what Scandinavian design is all about, simplicity and quality. Those who enjoy our site will know how enticing we find the whole creation process, and although neither of us smoke and most likely never will, it’s fascinating to see any object being made.

I particularly loved how all the materials are naturally sourced, the wood is literally taken fresh from the forrest and transformed into these slim line elegant pipes. I’m looking past the typography on this one (I hope you can too) because as they say, content is king. Watch on below, enjoy, and have a great evening.


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