Gilberto Paim & Elizabeth Fonseca, Ceramists

This morning I came across this fantastic but obscure film by Nina Paim documenting Ceramists Gilberto Paim & Elizabeth Fonseca. Now I don’t mean documentation in a verbal way, more of a silent but artistic way, this piece is full of shots of the couple making pottery in their studio/house. Moving from one process to another, intriguing to say the least.

You have to bare with it and take into account the amount of time each piece of work takes, it mustn’t be easy! Gilberto and Elizabeth’s goal is to activate tensions between interior and exterior space, between daily life and ritualistic experience, creating unique objects with a sense of longevity but also work as a reference for their current being.

If you’re wondering where they produce these ceramics, it’s in the mountain region of Nova Friburgo, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, where they live and breathe this artistic lifestyle. They chose a very peaceful setting surrounded by lots of greenery where they could seek inspiration and concentration thats needed for ceramics.

Not only do these two produce sellable products they’ve worked on various other collaborative projects and continue to share and create on a daily basis. Watch this inspiring video below.


  • Bruno Etchepare

    Amazing! I was already writing an article on their job, and this video absolutely fit for my post.
    Best wishes from Brazil.

  • Nina Paim

    Hello! I’m Nina, the author of the video! This project was shot at my parents atelier in Nova Friburgo during two days. They work together for already more then 30 years. I’m a graphic design student at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Any further questions don’t hesitate contacting me: [email protected]

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