The Art Of Time By Martina Chamrad

Working on the internet in the way that we do from time to time you can reach the point where you get a little frustrated scrolling through reams and reams of uninspiring projects. We like to keep the site pretty niche and we know what we like so in many respects we can’t really complain. It’s just a bit of a waiting game until something new and relevant comes our way.

So when something does crop up it’s all the more satisfying to be able to connect with the individuals that are living by the type of values that we believe in. Take this short film from Martina Chamrad for example which is dedicated to unearthing a little informative content on the traditional art of Lithography.

One of the perks of what we do is being able to share and select things we believe in opposed to a regimented number of posts each day, focusing more on independents like ourselves and hopefully you good folks too. Which is why I really enjoyed hearing about the Tamarind Lithography Workshop as it was setup as a means to kickstart creatives like us to take up this dying art.

In the video below we get a chance to hear from the good people involved in the Tamarind Commuinty who explain to us a little deeper about the art and the impact it can have within the printmaking medium. It’s just over ten minutes long so If you’ve not got the time now come back to it because I found it a really captivating and inspiring watch.


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