Printmaking with Keegan Meegan

We all like seeing prints being made, it’s a real fun creative process and although I’ve seen this type of project a million times over I’m yet to get bored of seeing these industrious presses in full flow. They are just mesmerising contraptions evolved from the basic design that Johannes Gutenberg curated way back in 1440 would you believe. I just love reading about the heritage which they are so rich in, it’s really quite fascinating.

So given we’re winding down to the end of the week now I thought I’d share more of a lighthearted film with a catchy song and a neat poster which is designed to inspire us creative types. This features the quote “The pressure is good for you”, something I think we can all relate to working independently, I don’t think anyone progresses when we take the easy option.

That being said we are big believers in enjoying the work we do, so learn to enjoy the pressure is the message here I guess. The letterpress contingent of the video is made up of Katy Meegan and Keegan Wenkman who founded their creative studio back in 2007, both quite obviously immersed in the joy of creating in the video below. Why not head over to their page and see what they can offer you, I’m sure they’d make some amazing personalised christmas cards.


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