Rockaway Taco by The Selby

A new film filters in from the ever eye pleasing Todd Selby, the well known fashion photographer and illustrator. Although The Selby as a site usually gives us an insiders view of creative individuals, this new video has a slight twist.

Filmed in Rockaway Queens, NYC, on August 31st, they visit a niche Taco Bar to talk to Andrew Field, the owner and founder of this quirky establishment.

I like the way it’s shot, the way they involve the surfing aspect (which is part of the whole theme anyway), and also the way in which you can get a whole feeling for the neighbourhood. Obviously this areas not the best, but these guys decided to stick their necks out and try something different. I’m pretty damn sure you will like this, so give it a watch below.

Director: Selby Producer: Lauren Sherman Executive Producer: The Selby Editing: Azin Samari Director of Photography: Bob Richman Sound Recordist: Eddie O’Connor Music Supervisor: William Eadon Featuring: Andrew Field Assistant Camera: Joe Hicks Production Assistant: Matthew Brewster