Kinfolk Volume Two Filmed Preview

For those of you who missed our exclusive post on Kinfolk’s latest issue or for the fans that just adore cooking, today I’ve brought across their latest release which is a filmed preview. I’m pretty fond of their subtle promotion pieces if I’m honest, they always seem to offer something different in terms of promotion, it’s all very inventive and in this episode we get quite a sombre mood from the outset with winter being a prevalent theme.

It’s nice to see some old faces such as Andrew and Carrisa who are involved in the filming side of the project. This is one thing firmly standing Kinfolk aside from a lot of other publications out there, the diverse range of creatives that they bring to the table each issue. The concept runs true the whole way through the venture which is very refreshing to see. They could of opted to employ a larger studio to deal with all the marketing but instead they strive to utilise the independent creatives which the magazine is designed for.

I’m obviously a bit biased on the Kinfolk front as we’ve been able to speak with those behind it and understand how they differ. If you’ve not purchased an issue before I’d recommend investing in the next release as it’s always useful to refer back, particularly for cooking inspiration. In the meantime watch on below and soak in a little of the flavour that this lifestyle publication’s immersed in.

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