Post-ers From Andrew+Carissa

Creative couple Andrew & Carissa come through with one of their latest collaborative projects in which they are involved in creating minimal posters available on sale to help a young girl in Africa named Rinah.

In what is quite a touching and compelling tale, The DC based duo began helping the young Ugandan through sponsorship back in 2008 enabling her to attend school on a regular basis. They are currently trying to raise enough money for the three of them to reside in Washington as a family, a truly touching and selfless story and I wish the three of them all the best in the future.

After the death of her mother in 2010 the pair are determined to do all they can to help give Rinah the best opportunity in life, providing her with a stable foundation and a safe and loving environment. I really admire the determination of Andrew and Carissa with the whole project, which is to me so very inspiring. If you have a moment please do follow the link below and read more, for those who wish to donate to the cause they can do so here too.


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