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Inspiration has always come in many different shapes and sizes for us, so I'm sure I won't have to ask for too much forgiveness from you all in sharing this short documentary on British Polar explorer Ben Saunders, as he prepared for his North Pole speed record attempt last year. Admittedly this is

I wanted to divert everyones attention to another in a long line of inspiring short films from filmmaker, climber, and artist Renan Osturk. In this project Renan follows fellow climber and creative Jimmy Chin as he braves the face of the mountains in aid of capturing the skill of his peers as they t

I’ve been debating the idea of an animation clashing with the format for a while now, so this short project that Nate Milton has created titled “Mom Sweater” had to really convince me it was worth sharing. As we pull inspiration from so many different genres sometimes you have to c