Mom Sweater By Nate Milton

I’ve been debating the idea of an animation clashing with the format for a while now, so this short project that Nate Milton has created titled “Mom Sweater” had to really convince me it was worth sharing. As we pull inspiration from so many different genres sometimes you have to consider the message that you’re sending out. Forgetting the politics above, I’m loving the whole feel of this animation from Nate, it’s such a relaxing candid watch and it’s been packaged up to give off this wonderful handmade/handcrafted feel.

With the piece being packed full of imagination it actually feels quite dreamy and floaty reminding me a lot of Raymond Brigg’s classic scene in the Snowman, they have a similar relaxed atmosphere that’s for sure. The whole animation just feels so natural and with the backing track from Jess Paps it flows throughout smoothly, leading the viewer in for a completely easy on the eye soft on the ear experience.

Watch below, if anyone has any views on showcasing animation in the format it would be interesting to hear some feedback via the comments section.


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