Whistling Animation By Louis Thomas

I’ve brought across this lighthearted animation from creative mind Louis Thomas as I think it works as a great mid morning pick me up, especially if you work in the sort of office that the character found within this piece does. The project reminds me of the old slap stick style of humor, especially when set to the frantic piano score Louis has opted to use.

Born and raised in Brittany Louis is passionate about painting, photographing and animating, studying at Les Gobelins School of Animation and taking exchange at CalArts where many famous animators have previously taken residence. I’m quite fond of the idea of the scenes being constructed with limited amounts of objects, instead Louis has concentrated on perfecting the details of what has been included.

It’s left the project feeling quite considered and crafted, the love and attention to detail Louis has put into creating these frames is there for all to see, it just oozes of that handmade feel. I’ve not stumbled across the work of Louis before but this piece really impressed me, the charm of it all is quite enticing. Hopefully he will be bringing out more of the same in the near future.



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