Further Imagery from Freunde von Freunden

I’ve really been craving a great set of photography recently so I thought it was about time I dropped in on the Freunde von Freunden website as they never disappoint on this score. True to form their archive has been replenished with lots of mind-blowing shots, they seem to have ventured out geographically too which is fantastic to see, collaborating with so many great creatives in the process.

Mr Brian W Ferry mentioned back in our February interview that they had projects planned together so I enjoyed mulling over the resulting series which of course was another splendid job. It’s always nice to see those putting in the work achieving the results they deserve, given the recent popularity of Freunde it’s refreshing to see them developing the project further reaching the Americas now and even the odd project in Brazil.

What is really comforting to see though is the common thread that seems to run through all these projects, I think creativity is a powerful tool that can always pull people together and break down the cultural boundaries life presents us with. If you look at life from a creative perspective I think you’re always searching and appreciating new ideas and concepts, it’s just in the nature of who you are.

I remember hearing the composer Philip Glass saying something along the lines of the only way you truly strengthen your talents is through collaboration, something I always try to keep somewhere in the back of my mind. I mention this because I think Freunde von Freunden is a great place to get inspired by the work of other creatives, their collaborative efforts go a long way in inspiring the next generation of creators. So why not head across and connect with this great community, I promise they won’t disappoint.



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