The Men of Distinction Series, Episode One

We showcased The Motleys introduction to the Men of Distinction series twelve days ago now, so it made sense for us to highlight the first episode in the series for all of us to view today. For those that didn’t catch the introduction, the series basically embodies the spirt of the entrepreneur following a handful of men who live very distinct lifestyles.

In this short film today we get introduced to Taylor Pemberton a young aspirational designer and creative director involved in two of his own ventures. The first is Cavalier Essentials which is a vintage inspired line of mens products for the rugged yet sophisticated gent. His second venture is called “wantful” which is a present suggestion service for that ever so hard to buy for friend.

Coming back on topic, what we have here from Taylor was a really enjoyable first edition to the series. I think it’s difficult to get everything across in three minutes, so the team have opted to home in more on Taylors thought process behind his lifestyle which was packed with bursts of inspiring conversation.

My favourite section of this has to be the part where Taylor speaks on people looking back in history and noticing the trending art and music scenes. It’s important to remember that although times are tough finically for a lot of us, through creating we will leave behind something that’s more important than any amount of money.