Ryan Takaba Project From Mark & Angela Walley

Dynamic Duo Mark & Angela Walley bring us another insightful short film this time involving the work of ceramicist Ryan Takaba and his charming installation for his latest series “Mums and Water”. I was drawn to this project because of the innovative way in which they provide the plants with their daily water supplies.

Through a network of small water stations the plants get drip fed slowly one by one, Ryan explains on his site in this project he “refers back to the ceramic medium’s historical core, that being function, use, and ritual”. Within the installation before us these stations or “mums” serve as the core architecture holding the piece together.”Pinning, connecting, and bridging of each porcelain form creating a metaphor for the relationship between the permanent and transient”.

You can read more on this project and others like it from Ryan Takaba on his personal page which is linked to below. If your not familiar with the work of filmmaking team Mark and Angela I’d recommend taking a look at their page too, they frequently feature interesting creative projects like the one we have here today.



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